biografía de Ben FOSTER (1852-1926)

Lugar de nacimiento: North Anson, ME

Lugar de defunción: NYC

Direcciones: Cornwall, CT; NYC

Profesión: Landscape painter, writer

Estudios: ASL with A. H. Thayer, c.1882; Luc Olivier Merson and Aimé Morot in Paris, 1886-87.

Exposiciones: Brooklyn A1A, 1880-86, 1891; Boston AC, 1884-1904; AIC; Paris Salon, 1887; PAFA, 1892-1908, 1916, 1921-26; Columbian Expo, Chicago, 1893 (medal); Cleveland, 1895 (prize); Paris Expo, 1900 (bronze medal); CI, 1900 (silver medal); Pan-Am. Expo, Buffalo, 1901 (medal); SAA, 1901 (prize); St. Louis Expo, 1904 (med); NAD, 1884-95; 1906 (Carnegie Prize, prize), 1908 (Inness gold medal), 1909 (gold), Webb Prize, 1917 (prize), 1917 (Altman Prize); Corcoran Gal., 1907-23; NAC, 1917 (gold medal); Newport AA, 1926 (People's Prize)

Asociaciones: ANA, 1901; NA, 1904; SAA, 1897; NYWCC; AWCS; Century Assoc.; Calif. AC; Nat. Inst. AL; Lotos Club; SC; NAC; Soc. of Men Who Paint the Far West

Obra: CGA; TMA; Luxembourg Mus., Paris,. NGA; PAFA; Brooklyn Inst. Mus.; Public Gallery, Richmond, IN; MMA; AIC; CI; Butler Art Inst.; Harrison Gallery, Los Angeles Mus.; Montreal Art Assoc.; City Art Mus., St. Louis, Mo; Omaha Soc. FA; Grand Rapids AA; Albright Gallery, Buffalo; Mem. Gallery, Rochester, NY

Comentarios: From 1870-82, he worked at odd jobs in NYC until at age 30 he became dedicated to painting. He became known his landscapes painted around his home in Cornwall, CT, which were admired for their meditative qualities, capturing the atmospheric effects of dawn and sunset, moonlight and twilight. French critics compared him to Cazin. He was also a critic, writing for the New York Evening Post and the Nation.

Fuentes: WW25; PHF files; P & H Samuels, 175; Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 343; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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