biografía de Margaret Foote HAWLEY (1880-1963)

Lugar de nacimiento: Guilford, CT

Lugar de defunción: NYC

Direcciones: Wash., DC, active 1903-08; New York 21, NY; Boston, MA

Profesión: Painter, miniature painter

Estudios: Corcoran Art Sch.; Howard Helmick; Acad. Colarossi, Paris, France.

Exposiciones: Wash. WCC, 1903-21; Pan.-Pac. Expo., San Fran., 1915; NAD; AIC, 1916; PAFA, 1918 (med.), 1920 (med.); Balt. WCC, 1926 (prize); Sesqui-Centenn. Expo., Phila., 1926 (bronze med.); Royal SMP, London, England, 1926-29; France; Brooklyn SMP, 1931 (med.); NAWA, 1931 (med.).

Asociaciones: ASMP (pres.); Penn. SMP; Brooklyn SMP; Boston Gld. Art; New Haven PCC; AFA; Concord AA; Wash. AC; Wash. WCC; Royal SMP, London

Obra: NMAA; MMA; BM; Concord AA; CGA; Stowe-Day Fndtn., Hartford, CT.

Comentarios: Sister of Mary Foote (see entry). Orphaned at an early age, Margaret was adopted by her aunt and uncle and moved to Wash., DC, while Mary stayed in Connecticut. A prolific artist, her body of work is estimated at four hundred miniatures, most of them treasured family heirlooms in private collections.

Fuentes: WW59; WW47; McMahan, Artists of Washington, D.C.; Tufts, American Women Artists, cat. no. 35.

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