biografía de Reuben ROWLEY (XIX)

Direcciones: Chenango and Susquehanna Valley towns of New York State, mid-1820's; Albany, c. 1832;Boston, 1834-38

Profesión: Itinerant portrait and miniature painter

Exposiciones: Boston Athenaeum, 1834-36

Obra: Shelburne (VT) Mus. (attributed work, as of 1976)

Comentarios: French identifled a Reuben Roulery as the instructor of Philip Hewins (see entry) in Albany in 1832. It seems extremely likely that was actually Reuben Rowley since there is no other evidence of a Reuben Roulery working in that area and it is known that Reuben Rowley was in Albany about 1832.

Fuentes: G&W; Rathbone, Itinerant Portraiture," 20; French, Art and Artists in Connecticut, 72 [as Reuben Roulery]; Boston CD 1834-38; Swan, BA; Lipman and Winchester, 179 [erroneously as of Amesbury, Mass.]; Antiques (Aug. 1925), 96, repro. More recently, see Muller, Paintings and Drawings at the Shelburne Museum, 120 (w/repro.)"

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