Gérard GAROUSTE (1946)

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Brussels attracts artists and galleries from neighbouring countries. Its ideal location between France, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany (Paris can be reached in just over an hour, London, Cologne and Amsterdam in about two hours) is not its only asset …

Nowadays, competition is very much a part of the art market; the major auction houses compete, countries compete to remain or became the global market’s key poles, and artists compete with each other for the limelight and the best results. Hand in hand with this competition, There is intense marketing, the impact of fashions, and hyper-media exposure for certain artists. So where does this leave art prices?

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Gérard GAROUSTE is one of those artists who appears to have resisted the ebb and flow of artistic fashions and intellectual trends by continuing to express himself through ‘traditional’ painting.

“La Force de l’Art” opens to the public from 9 May to 25 June, bringing together fifteen exhibitions for the first of a new triennial series of shows intended to restore France to the forefront of the international art scene.

Gérard GAROUSTE (1946) (Francia) es un artista nacido en 1946 El remate más antiguo catalogado en el sitio web es un(a) pintura vendido/a en 1987 en Perrin-Royère-Lajeunesse, el más reciente siendo un(a) grabado vendido/a en 2021. Las cotizaciones y los índices del artista establecidos por Artprice.com se basan en 348 remates. Especialmente: pintura, grabado, dibujo acuarela, escultura, mobiliario, tapiz, cerámica. El Marketplace de Artprice.com le propone 2 obras(s) del artista , vendidas por 1 Artprice store(s).