Diego GIACOMETTI (1902-1985)

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Although the French art market is recognised as offering exceptional overall quality, when it comes to fetching the best (highest) prices, France is still unable to stop historical masterpieces by its national artists from crossing the Channel or the Atlantic to be sold in London or New York. However, since the beginning of the 2017, […]

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The art market news this autumn 2016 is dominated by sales of collections. These include works acquired by David Bowie, the presidential couple Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Daniel and Eliane Brollo and Prince Yusupov. There will also be a series of five sales to disperse the works of French film director and producer Claude Berri […]

After the record Contemporary Art & Postwar art sales on 8 and 9 May, the art market’s dynamism has been confirmed by Sotheby’s sale of part of the Gunter Sachs collection.

Diego GIACOMETTI (1902-1985) (Suiza) es un(a) artista nacido(a) en 1902. El remate más antiguo catalogado en el sitio web es un(a) mobiliario vendido/a en 1985 en Christie's, el más reciente siendo un(a) mobiliario vendido/a en 2021. Las cotizaciones y los índices del artista establecidos por Artprice.com se basan en 2.447 remates. Especialmente: escultura, mobiliario, lámparas, objetos, dibujo acuarela, tapiz, grabado. Se anuncia una obra del artista Diego GIACOMETTI (1902-1985) próximamente a subasta. El Marketplace de Artprice.com le propone 15 obras(s) del artista a la venta. , vendidas por 2 Artprice store(s).