biografía de James NORTHCOTE (1822-1904)

Lugar de nacimiento: Hammerston, England

Lugar de defunción: Brooklyn

Direcciones: Came to Brooklyn, NY c. 1858, he resided there but worked in NYC 1859 and after

Profesión: Landscape and figure painter

Estudios: NYC, with Philip Philips, Louis Haag, Stanfield.

Exposiciones: Brooklyn AA, 1868-83; PAFA Ann., 1882-83; NAD, 1884-86

Comentarios: In 1859 and after he was working in NYC in partnership with Henry Northcote, probably his brother. Scene painter, Drury Lane Theatre Surrey Theatre for 8 yrs.

Fuentes: G&W; Art Annual, IV (1905/06), 123; Thieme-Becker; NYCD 1859-60; Naylor, NAD; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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