biografía de Louise Mary KAMP (1867-1959)

Lugar de nacimiento: New York State

Lugar de defunción: Saugerties, NY

Direcciones: Buffalo, NY; Woodstock, NY; Saugerties, NY

Profesión: Painter

Estudios: Albright Art Gals. Mus. School, Buffalo, NY; Woodstock, NY, with J.F. Carlson, Birge Harrison.

Exposiciones: Buffalo Soc. Artists, 1914 (prize); Salons of Am., 1927; S. Indp. A., 1927, 1937; Paradox Gallery, Woodstock, NY, 1982; Loveland, OH, 1982

Asociaciones: Woodstock AA

Comentarios: NÈe Wahl, married to Dr. J.C. Kamp, she lived most of her life (with her husband) in Saugerties, where she painted family, friends and the New York State landscape. Her work was mostly influenced by her teacher Birge Harrison, and when she died, she left over 3000 paintings to her heirs.

Fuentes: WW15; info. courtesy of Peter Bissell, Cooperstown, NY; Woodstock AA

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