biografía de Luis GRANER ARRUFI (1863-1929)

Lugar de nacimiento: Barcelona, Spain

Lugar de defunción: Barcelona

Direcciones: New Orleans, 1914-22; NYC, 1925

Profesión: Portrait, genre and landscape painter

Estudios: Barcelona; Rome

Exposiciones: Paris Salon, c.1895-1910; Delgado Mus. Art, 1917; Copley Gal., Boston, 1917; Salons of Am., 1923. Awards: medals in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Paris

Asociaciones: Soc. Nat. des Beaux-Arts, France, 1904

Obra: Historic New Orleans Collection

Comentarios: He came to the U.S. in 1910 and worked in NYC, Calif., and in South America. He lived and worked in New Orleans from 1914 to 1922, doing some of his best work there. About two hundred of his paintings were owned by those in the area.

Fuentes: WW25; Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 163; Complementary Visions, 49 (w/repro.)

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