biografía de Richard STANKIEWICZ (1922-1983)

Lugar de nacimiento: Philadelphia, PA

Direcciones: Huntington, MA, 1970s

Profesión: Sculptor, assemblage artist, educator

Estudios: Hans Hofmann, 1945-49; Fernand Leger, 1950; Ossip Zadkine, 1950-51

Exposiciones: PAFA Ann., 1954, 1966; Venice Biennale, 1958; Pittsburgh Int., Carnegie Inst., 1958-61; Bienal, S„o Paulo, 1961; Four Americans, Mod. Mus, Stockholm, 1962; Nat. Gallery Victoria, Melbourne; WMAA; Zabriskie Gallery, NYC, 1970s. Awards: Brandeis Univ. & Nat. Council Arts.

Obra: WMAA; MOMA; MOMA, Stockholm; Guggenheim Mus., New York; Albright-Knox Mus., Buffalo.

Comentarios: After studying in Europe in the early 1950s, Stankiewicz returned to America and began creating junk assemblages out of scrap metal and discarded mechanical and household objects. Teaching: State Univ. NY Albany, 1967-; Amherst College, 1970-71.

Fuentes: WW73; Baigell, Dictionary; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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