biografía de Milton HORN (1906-1995)

Lugar de nacimiento: Kiev, Ukraine

Direcciones: NYC, 1934-38; Olivet, MI, 1947; Chicago, IL, 1949-on

Profesión: Sculptor, writer, painter, lecturer

Estudios: Educ. All., NYC; Beaux Arts Inst. Design, NYC

Exposiciones: Salons of Am., 1929; PAFA, 1934-38; WFNY 1939-40; BM; NY Munic. Exh., 1937; S. Gld., 1938-56; Am. Artists Congress, 1939; CAA traveling exh.; VMFA; "Third Int. Exh. Sculpture," PMA, 1949; WMAA, 1949; "Am. Sculpture, 1951," MMA, 1951; AIC, 1950,1952; NIAL, 1953, 1955; Houston Mus. FA; BM, 1932 (solo); Gld. Art Gal., 1936 (solo); Wayne Univ., 1940 (solo); Wustum Mus., 1942 (solo); Kalamazoo IA, 1942 (solo), 1945 (solo); Chicago Pub. Lib. Awards: prizes, Hardwood Indust., 1953, 1955; award for excellence in the fine arts allied with architecture, Chicago Chapter, Am. Inst. Arch., 1955; Chicago Assn. Commerce & Indust., 1955; Nat. Citation Hon., Nat. Conferene, Am. Inst. Arch., Wash., DC, 1957; Henry Hering Mem. Medal, NSS, 1972.

Asociaciones: Artists Equity (founding mem.); College Art Assn.; NSS (founding mem.)

Obra: WPA sculpture, USPOs, Swarthmore, PA, Whitinsville, MA, Iron River, MI; mon., Olivet College; Brookgreen Gardens, SC; Smithsonian Inst. Div. Numismatics; Bernard Horwich Center, Chicago. Commissions: His 1951 stone relief for the façade of a Jewish temple in River Forest, IL, is considered by some to be the first figurative sculpture on a Jewish temple since the time of Christ. He also worked on several projects with Frank Lloyd Wright. Three symbolic bronze groups on façade of hdqtrs., Nat. Congress Parents & Teachers, Chicago, 1953-54; eight marble reliefs, West Virginia Univ. Medical Center, 1954-59; symbolic bronze on façade & holy ark in sanctuary, B'nai Israel Temple, Charleston, WV, 1959-60; bronze Hymn to Water, Central Water Filtration Plant, Chicago, 1965; bronze, Nat. Bank Commerce, Charleston, WV, 1968-69.

Comentarios: Emigrated to the U.S. in 1915 and began working as an assistant for Henry H. Kitson in Boston. Preferred media: bronze, wood, stone. Contributed articles: proceedings of teachers' seminar, Collegiate Sch. Arch., Aspen, CO, 1957; The Christian Century (Feb., 1959); Indland Architect (Chicago, 1965); Nat. Sculpture Review (1972). Teaching: Olivet College, 1939-49.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47; Avram Kampf, Contemporary Synagogue Art (Union Am. Hebrew Cong., 1961); Cecil Roth, History of Jewish Art (1971); L. Redstone, Art in Architecture (1968); obit., New York Times; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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