biografía de Tomas PENNING (1905-1982)

Lugar de nacimiento: Glidden, WI.

Direcciones: Saugerties, NY

Profesión: Sculptor

Estudios: Duluth, MN; AIC; Am. Acad. Art; E. Chassaing; Archipenko in Woodstock (scholarship) ; Kuniyoshi

Exposiciones: AIC, 1931; Salons of Am., 1934; WMAA, 1936; Ann Blanch Gal., Woodstock, 1978; James Cox Gal., Woodstock, NY, 1994 (solo).

Asociaciones: Sawkill PS; Woodstock AA

Obra: Woodstock AA

Comentarios: Called the "Bluestone Master" for his bold carvings in Ulster Cnty (NY) bluestone. He and his wife established the Sawkill Gal. in Woodstock along with several other artist couples. Penning designed the craft-training center run by the Nat. Youth Admin. during the Depression, which later housed the Woodstock School of Art.

Fuentes: WW40; addit. info. courtesy Woodstock AA.

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