biografía de George INNESS (1825-1894)

Lugar de nacimiento: near Newburgh, NY

Lugar de defunción: Bridge of Allan, Scotland

Direcciones: NYC/Montclair, NJ

Profesión: Landscape painter

Estudios: apprenticed to Sherman & Smith, map engravers of NYC in 1841, but his interest soon shifted to painting and he studied briefly under Regis F. Gignoux of Brooklyn in c.1843

Exposiciones: NAD, 1844-94; Brooklyn AA, 1862-92; American Art-Union (from 1845); Boston AC, 1873-1902; PAFA, 1852, 1868, 1879, 1888, 1892 (med.), 1893-95; Paris Salon, 1874; World's Indust. & Cotton Cent. Expo., 1884-85; AIC; Seebold's, New Orleans, 1890

Asociaciones: NA, 1853

Obra: MMA; NMAA; AIC (20 paintings); NYHS

Comentarios: One of the major 19th-century American landscape painters. During his own time his works were compared with those of Corot and Rouseau. Born on a farm near Newburgh, NY, Inness grew up in NYC and near Newark, NJ. He went abroad in 1847, 1850 and 1854; during the l860s he lived in Medfield (MA), Eagleswood (NJ), and Brooklyn (NY); spent the years 1870-74 in Italy and France; and thereafter spent most of his time in NYC and Montclair, NJ. Inness's early landscapes (1840s and 1850s) were tied to the Hudson River School style; his work after his return from France in 1855 reflects his interpretation of the Barbizon style. A spiritualist, Inness accepted the doctrines of Swedenborg and after 1878 his landscapes increasingly reflected an independent and poetic style, as he suppressed details and created dramatic tonal contrasts; his late and final work, from about 1884 on, consists of quiet, moody landscapes.

Fuentes: G&W; Elizabeth McCausland's George Inness, An American Landscape Painter (Springfield, Mass., 1946); George Inness, Jr., The Life, Art and Letters of George Inness (N.Y., 1917); Elliott Daingerfield, George Inness (N.Y., 1911); W. Harley Rudkin, George Inness, American Landscape Painter"; McCausland, "The Early Inness"; DAB; Cowdrey, NAD; Cowdrey, AA & AAU; Swan, BA; Rutledge, MHS; Rutledge, PA; Karolik Cat. More recently, see Baigell, Dictionary; Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr., George Inness (1971); Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 197; Campbell, New Hampshire Scenery, 95-97; Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 359; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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