biografía de James E. PECK (1907-2002)

Lugar de nacimiento: Pittsburgh, PA

Direcciones: Cleveland, OH; Seattle, WA; Botthel, WA, in 1998

Profesión: Painter, designer, illustrator, graphic artist

Estudios: Cleveland Inst. Art (cert.); John Huntington Polytechnic Inst.; H.G. Keller; R. Stoll; C. Gaertner; Hans Hoffman, Provincetown

Exposiciones: CMA May Shows, 1933-49 (awards for watercolors1937-49); PAFA, 1934-35, 1937; AWCS, 1934-35, 1946; AIC, 1933-34, 1939, 1943, 1946; Dayton AI, 1942 (solo), 1943-45 (awards for watercolors1942-45); Cleveland Sch. Art, 1945; Cincinnati Mod. Art Soc., 1945; Little Art Center, Dayton, 1945; Ten-Thirty Gal., Cleveland, 1946; Butler AI, 1946; SAM, 1947, 1959; Henry Gal., 1950-51, 1954; AWCS, New York; SAM Northwest Ann.; Pepsi-Cola Drawing & WC Exh., MMAA; Nat. Gal.; award for painting, Guggenheim Found., 1942 & 1946.

Asociaciones: Guggenheim Found., 1942, 1945 (fellowship); Puget Sound Group Northwest Painters (pres.); Art Studio Owners Assn.

Obra: CMA; U.S. Govt., Carville, LA; Dayton AI; Am. Acad. Arts & Letters, NYC; SAM

Comentarios: Preferred media: watercolors, enamels, woods. Positions: illustr., Fawn Art Studios, Cleveland, 1936-46; dir., art dept. at Cornish, 1947 (taught drawing, painting and advertising illustr.); art dir., Miller, McKay, Hoeck & Hartung, Seattle, 1954-60; graphic des., 1960-66; graphic des., Boeing Co, 1966-70. Publications: illustr., Ford Times Magazine, Teaching: Head dept art, Cornish Sch, Seattle, 1947-1952; Instr painting & graphic design, Burnley Sch Art, Seattle, 1966-.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47. More recently, see Trip and Cook, Washington State Art and Artists, 1850-1950; addl info courtesy Martin-Zambito FA, Seattle, WA

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