biografía de P. LANGLUMÉ (XIX)

Direcciones: New Orleans

Profesión: Lithographer, photographer

Comentarios: He was associated with the printing offices of the New Orleans Bee. In April 1837 he advertised his services as lithographer. Known lithographs consist of views of New Orleans made after drawings created about 1820 by Felix Achille Beaupoil Saint-Aulaire (see entry under Saint-Aulaire). LanglumÈ was listed in other New Orleans directories as: employee of a fancy store and translator (1837), trader (1843), and daguerreotypist (1846).

Fuentes: G&W; Delgado-WPA cites Bee, April 5, 1837. Originally listed by G & W as Langlum; current information comes from Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists which also suggests that the New Orleans LanglumÈ may be the Parisian lithographer LanglumÈ who exhibited at Paris salons between 1822 and 1824 and that he may have lithographed Saint-Aulaire's work before coming to New Orleans.

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