biografía de Jeremiah Pearson HARDY (1800-1888)

Lugar de nacimiento: Pelham, NH

Direcciones: Bangor, ME

Profesión: Portrait, miniature, genre, animal, and still-life painter

Estudios: with David Brown, Boston, c. 1822; Samuel F.B. Morse, NYC

Obra: BMFA

Comentarios: He and his family moved to Hampden (ME) in 1811. After studying in Boston and NYC, Hardy returned to Hampden, where he married in 1827. He lived there and in Bangor (ME) until his death. He was primarily a portrait painter but also executed still lifes and was a teacher in Bangor. Among his students were George Edward Dale and Walter Lansil. Anna Eliza Hardy (artist) and Francis Willard Hardy (photographer) were his children; and Mary Ann Hardy (miniaturist) was his sister (see entries).

Fuentes: G&W; Maine Artists," 19; Eckstorm, "Jeremiah Pearson Hardy," with 13 repros.; Simpson, Leaflets of Artists; Born, "Notes on Still-Life Painting in America," 159; Karolik Cat., 282-288, with 3 repros.; Records of the Brewer (ME) Public Library. More recently, see Baigell, Dictionary; For Beauty and for Truth, 61 (w/repros.); Gerdts, Art Across America, vol. 1: 21-22."

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