biografía de Richard LINDNER (1901-1978)

Lugar de nacimiento: Hamburg, Germany

Lugar de defunción: NYC?

Direcciones: Came to the U. S. in 1941, settling in NYC

Profesión: Painter, illustrator, teacher

Estudios: Nuremburg Sch. FA, 1922; Munich Acad., 1924.

Exposiciones: WMAA, 1956-67; PAFA Ann., 1962; Corcoran Gal. biennial, 1965

Asociaciones: NIAL

Obra: MoMA; Dallas MA; WMAA; Mus. Nat. Arte Mod., Paris, France; Tate Gal. Art, London, Eng.; Kunsthalle, Hamburg. Awards: Lichtwerk Award, Hamburg, 1970.

Comentarios: Abstract figure painter known for his hard-edged forms, flat, bright colors and austere characters. The latter include women cast as circus performers or streetwalkers, mechanistic mannequins, ambiguous figures in military uniforms, policemen, and other types drawn from popular culture and literature, configured in mysterious or surreal situations suggestive of personal dreams and obsessions. Teaching: prof. painting, Pratt Inst., 1952-64; vis. artist, Yale Univ., 1962-63. Illustrator: Vogue, 1941-50. Teaching: PIA Sch., 1951-65.

Fuentes: WW73; Baigell, Dictionary; Dore Ashton, R. Lindner (Abrams, 1970); R.G. Dienst, R. Lindner (Thames & Hudson, London, 1970); S. Tillim, R. Lindner (William & Noma Copley Found., Chicago); Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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