biografía de Jacques LIPCHITZ (1891-1973)

Lugar de nacimiento: Druskieniki, Lithuania

Lugar de defunción: Capri, Italy

Direcciones: NYC and Hastings-on-Hudson

Profesión: Sculptor

Estudios: Ecole Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1909-11, with Jean A. Ingalbert & Dr. Richet; Académie Julian, Paris with Raoul Verlet; Acad Colarossi, Paris; Columbia Univ. (hon. L.H.D., 1968).

Exposiciones: Gal. de la Renaissance, 1930 (retro.); Brummer Gal., NYC, 1935 (solo); Paris World's Fair, 1937 (the "Prometheus" was commissioned, and one room in the Petit Palais was entirely devoted to his work); Buchholz Gal., NYC, 1942 (solo); PAFA Ann., 1950-68 (8 times; gold 1952, medal 1956); MoMA, 1954 (retro.); MMA 1972 (retrospective); Marlborough Gal., NYC, 1970s. Awards: Am. Acad. Arts & Lett & NIAL, 1966 (gold).

Asociaciones: Am Acad Arts & Lett; NIAL (council mem.)

Obra: Hirshhorn Coll., Wash., DC; WMAA; Barnes Foundation, Merion, PA (including five bas-reliefs comm. by Dr. Barnes in 1922); PMA (including outdoor monument, "Mother and Child"); MoMA, NYC and Paris; MMA; Jewish Mus., NYC; Walker Art Ctr.; Mus. Grenoble; Albright-Knox Art Gal., Buffalo, NY; VMFA. Commissions: "Prometheus and the Vulture," Ministry of Educ. and Health, Rio de Janeiro; Virgin, Notre Dame de Liesse, 1955; "The Spirit of Enterprise," part of Samuel Mem., Fairmount Park, Phila., c. 1960; Presidential Scholars Medallion, 1964; statue of Sieur Duluth, Univ. Minn., Duluth, 1964.

Comentarios: By the time Lipchitz moved to the U.S. in 1941 (having lost, to the Nazis, his Paris home, his art collection, and much of his own work), he was already at the forefront in the field of modern sculpture. Starting over in NYC, he continued to explore the themes of birth, life, death, growth, nature, love, suffering, and the symbolic motif of mother and child in powerfully expressive works. Among these were his monumental "Mother and Child II" (PMA); "Sacrifice II" (1948-52, WMAA); and "Spirit of Enterprise" (Fairmount Park, Phila.).

Fuentes: WW73; Maurice Raynal, Jacques Lipchitz, monogr., Fr. text (Ed. Jeanne Bucher, Paris, 1947); Henry R. Hope, The Sculpture of Jacques Lipchitz (MoMA, 1954); Bert Van Bork, Jacques Lipchitz: The Artist at Work (Crown, 1966); Craven, Sculpture in America, 616-23; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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