William EDMONDSON (1874-1951)

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It’s almost a textbook case: when a movement, disconnected from any existing networks, begins to gain visibility – often via self-funded exhibitions – and brings together a small community of artists, connoisseurs and collectors, it already has a reasonable chance of sticking. Then galleries get involved… public recognition starts to pick up… the artists’ works […]

Original works ranging from under $200 to nearly $700,000… all in one sale? That’s what you get in a dedicated Outsider Art sale. And, a bit like the works themselves, this market is heterogeneous both in terms of style and and price… and therefore completely uninhibited. The Art Brut is no longer terra incognita for […]

It might seem paradoxical, but Art Brut (or Outsider Art) is increasingly moving in from the art world’s margins to become an emerging segment of the art market in its own right.

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Para William EDMONDSON (1874-1951) , el remate más antiguo catalogado es un(a) escultura vendido/a en 1990 en Sotheby's, el más reciente siendo un(a) escultura vendido/a en 2021. Los análisis y gráficos establecidas por Artprice.com se basan en 40 remates. Especialmente: escultura, objetos.