biografía de William Hadd MCELCHERAN (1927-1999)

Lugar de nacimiento: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Direcciones: Toronto 13, Ontario, Canada

Profesión: Designer, sculptor

Estudios: Ont. Col. Art, Toronto.

Exposiciones: Sculpture 1967, Toronto, 1967; Roberts Gal., Toronto, 1969 (solo), 1970s; Art Gal. Hamilton, 1969 (solo); People in the Park, Stratford, Ont., 1970; Fed. Int. Medaille, Cologne, Ger., 1971. Awards: Lt. Gov. Medal, Lt. Gov. Ont., 1949; Can. Coun. Sr. Arts Award, 1969; Aviva Sculpture Prize, Aviva Chap., Hadassah, 1969.

Asociaciones: Assoc. Royal Can. Acad.; Sculptors Soc. Can.; Arts & Letters Club Toronto.

Obra: Art Gal. Hamilton, Ont.; Art Gal. London, Ont.; York Univ., Toronto, Ont; sch. archit., Univ. Toronto. Commissions: archit. design & sculpture, McMaster Divinity Col., Hamilton, Ont., 1960; wood sculpture, Briarcliff Col., Sioux City, IA, 1962; mahogany stations of the cross, St Augustines Col., Scarboro, Ont., 1966; plastic relief, Walkerton Fed. Bldg., Ont., 1970; sculpture, St. Michael's Libr., Univ. Toronto, 1972.

Comentarios: Positions: art dir. & des., Valley City Mfg. Co., Dundas, 1952-56; des., Brown, Brisley & Brown, Architects, Toronto, 1956-60. Teaching: instr. carving, Ont. Col. Art, 1963-66; artist-in-residence, sch. archit., Univ. Toronto, 1971-72. Publications: auth., The Revolution in Liturgical Art, brief to the bishops, Longmans Green, 1965; illusr,, By the Circus Sands, 1967.

Fuentes: WW73; Paul Duval, "William McElcheran," The Hamilton Spectator (Nov, 1969); Kay Kritzwizer, article, In: Toronto Globe & Mail, May, 1971; Eric Freifeld, "William McElcheran," Artscan mag. (April-May, 1971)

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