biografía de Woodson Messick COWAN (1889-1977)

Lugar de nacimiento: Algona, Iowa

Direcciones: Weston-Westport, CT (1928-on)

Profesión: Cartoonist, painter

Estudios: Univ. Iowa; AIC, with Vanderpoel, Dunn.

Exposiciones: paintings: Westport, Conn, 1964; Darien, Conn, 1968; Norwalk, Conn, 1970; Jekyll Island, Ga, 1972.

Asociaciones: Westport Artists (pres, 1949); A. & W. Assn.; Jekyll Island Art Asn.

Comentarios: Born in a sod hut on the Iowa prairie, he was a successful political cartoonist until his retirment from the field in 1956. He went on to serve in the Conn. legislature (1953-57), and was the mayor of Weston (1957-59). Awards: Best of yr for ed cartoon "Christmas Tragedy," Nat Fndtn Hwy Safety, 1966. Lectures: cartooning; cartoon history. Positions: sports writer & cartoonist, George Mathew Adams Syndicate, NYC, 1920-27; comic strip artist, Nat Ed Assn Serv, Cleveland, 1928-42; ed cartoonist, Bridgeport Eve Post, 1949-59; ed cartoonist, New Haven Register, 1960-69. Contributor: New Yorker, Argosy, other magazines; Major Hoople" comic, NEA Service. Author-illustrator: "Them Were the Days," 1926; "Flying Andy," 1955; "Famous Figures of the Old West," 1962; "Iowa Cracker Barrel," 1972. Illustrator: "Teen Topics," 1948; "Popularity Plus," 1950.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47; Community of Artists, 89"

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