biografía de Donald Mitchell OENSLAGER (1902-1975)

Lugar de nacimiento: Harrisburgh, PA

Direcciones: NYC

Profesión: Stage designer, writer, teacher, lecturer

Estudios: Harvard Univ. (A.B., 1923); Sachs FA traveling fellowship; George Pierce Baker, Denman Ross & Maurice Sterne; Colorado College (hon. D.F.A., 1953).

Exposiciones: Nat. Lib., Vienna; MoMA; Mus. City NY; Am. British AC; BM; Pratt Inst.; FMA; PM Sch. IA; Marie Sterner Gals., 1936 (solo); Feragil Gals., 1949 (solo); Yale Gal. FA, 1949 (solo); Detroit Inst. Arts, 1956 (solo); AFA Traveling Exh., 1957 (solo). Awards: Penn. Ambassador Award, State of Penn., 1950; Antonette Perry Award, Am. Theatre Wing, 1958-59.

Asociaciones: AIA; Century Assn.; AFA (trustee, 1966-); Brooklyn Inst. Arts & Science (trustee); Royal Soc. Arts (Benjamin Franklin fellow); Int. Exh. Found. (trustee, 1972-).

Obra: MMA; MoMA; Boston Mus. FA; Detroit Inst. Arts; Mus. of City NY. Commissions: designed over 250 theatrical productions in New York, 1926-; consultant on 15 new theatres incl. Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center & Albany South Mall.

Comentarios: Positions: trustee, Brooklyn Mus. & Pratt Inst.; pres., Art Comn. City New York, 1965-; trustee, Mus. of City NY, 1964-. Publications: auth., Scenery, Then and Now, 1936; Theatre of Bali, 1941; ed., Notes on Scene Painting, 1952. Teaching: prof., stage design, Sch. Drama, Yale Univ., 1925-70; lect. theatre, Salzburg Sem. in Am. Studies, 1968 & 1971; prof. theatre, Grad Center, City Univ. NY, 1971-72. Collection: books, drawings & manuscripts of the 16th to 20th c. Am. theatre.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47.

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