biografía de Aldren Auld WATSON (1917)

Lugar de nacimiento: Brooklyn, NY

Direcciones: Brooklyn, NY/Monterey, MA; Putney, VT

Profesión: Illustrator, designer, painter, block printer, drawing specialist

Estudios: Yale Univ., 1935; ASL with George Bridgman, Charles Chapman, Robert Brackman, William Aurebach-Levy

Exposiciones: Fifty Books Shows, Soc. Illustrators Ann. Awards: prize, Domesday Book Illustr. Comp., 1945.

Asociaciones: Authors Guild; AFA

Obra: 50 Color Prints, 1932; illus. books in libraries, U.S., Canada & Europe & in private collections. Commissions: mural, SS Pres. Hayes, Thomas Crowell Co. Office, 1964.

Comentarios: Positions: textbook designer, D. C. Health & Co., Boston, 1965-66; chief editor curriculum oriented mat., Silver Burdett Co., Morristown, NJ, 1966-; official NASA artist, Apollo 8, 1968. Author/illustr.: My Garden Grows," 1962 & "Maple Tree Begins," 1970, Viking Pres; "Hand Bookbinding," 1963 & 1968; "Very First Words for Writing and Spelling," Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1966; "Village Blacksmith," Crowell, 1968.

Fuentes: WW73; chapter, Forty Illustrators and How They Work; WW40."

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