biografía de Pierre HENRI (XVIII)

Lugar de nacimiento: France

Profesión: Miniature painter

Exposiciones: Columbianum, Phila., 1795; PAFA

Comentarios: Advertised in NYC in May 1788 as having lately arrived from France. Thereafter he advertised in Phila., 1789-90; Charleston (SC), 1790-93; NYC, 1794; Phila., 1795, 1799-1802; Balt., 1803-04; Richmond (VA), May 1804; Phila., 1804; NYC, 1807; Phila., 1808-14; and NYC, 1818.

Fuentes: G&W; Sherman, Pierre Henri's Am. Miniatures," with 5 repros. and checklist; Kelby, Notes on Am. Artists, 32; Gottesman, Arts and Crafts in New York, II, nos. 14-15; Prime, II, 14-16; Columbianum Cat., 1795; Mayo and Lafferty cite Baltimore CD 1803-04; NYCD 1807, 1818; Rutledge, PA; Richmond Portraits; Rutledge, Artists in the Life of Charleston; Bermuda Hist. Soc., Loan Exhib. of Portraits, XVII-XIX Centuries, no. 129; Brown and Brown; Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 182."

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