biografía de Francis H. SCHELL (c.1832-1909)

Lugar de nacimiento: Pennsylvania

Lugar de defunción: Germantown, PA

Direcciones: Philadelphia, PA, 1850; New Orleans, LA active, 1862-64; Germantown, PA

Profesión: Newspaper illustrator, lithographer

Comentarios: During the Civil War he was one of the staff artists for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and after the war he was in charge of Leslie's art department. Later he formed a partnership with Thomas Hogan and for thirty years they worked together as illustrators. He was one of the illustrators for Beyond the Mississippi."

Fuentes: G&W; Art Annual, VIII, obit.; 7 Census (1850), Pa., XLIX, 423; Phila. CD 1856; Taft, Artists and Illustrators of the Old West, 296-97; Portfolio (Nov. 1944), cover. More recently, see Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 340; P&H Samuels, 423."

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