biografía de Else W. BOSTELMAN (XX)

Lugar de nacimiento: Leipzig, Germany

Direcciones: Darien, CT

Profesión: Painter, craftsperson, designer, illustrator, commercial artist, writer

Estudios: Univ. Leipzig; Acad. FA, Germany, and with von Hoffman, Sasha Schneider, H. Giles, Bernard Klonis.

Exposiciones: Argent Gal.; Biltmore A. Gal.; Palm Beach, Fla.; Salons of Am., 1934; Pen & Brush Cl.1953, 1954 (prizes); NAC, 1952; AAPL, 1951; solo exhs., in Germany, FL and CT.

Asociaciones: Soc. Women Geographers.

Obra: Four occeanographic expeditions with Zool. Soc. Tropical Research, under direction of Dr. William Beebe. Executed over 300 plates of deep-sea and shore fish, published in Nat. Geographic magazine; series of floral watercolors Nat. Geographic magazine.

Comentarios: Author: Sea Horse Adventures." I., numerous books for children. Contributor to national magazines.

Fuentes: WW59; WW47; Marlor, Salons of Am., where her last name appears as Bostelmann, reflecting the original German spelling. "

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