biografía de Genevieve A(lmeda) COWLES (1871-?)

Lugar de nacimiento: Farmington, CT.

Profesión: Painter, illustrator, craftsperson, writer, lecturer

Estudios: Yale, with Niemeyer; Brandegee.

Exposiciones: New Haven PCC, 1900 (charter exhib.)

Obra: mural, Conn. State Prison; Grace Church, NYC; St. Peter's Church, Springfield, MA; stained glass windows, Talpioth, Palestine.

Comentarios: (Twin sister of Maud; sister also of Mildred and Edith.) Illustrator: The House of Seven Gables," by Hawthorne, "Little Folk Lyrics"; Scribner's, McClure's. Lecturer/writer: on the prison question; on Palestine. Author: "The Prisoners and Their Pictures," McClure's, 1922.

Fuentes: WW47; Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists.

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