biografía de Louise Brettner OSBORNE (1889-1968)

Lugar de nacimiento: Belleville, IL

Lugar de defunción: Lancaster, PA

Direcciones: Chicago, IL; NYC; Batavia, IL; NYC; Lancaster, PA

Profesión: Painter, engraver

Estudios: AIC; Robert Henri.

Exposiciones: NAD, 1925, 1945-68 (Audubon Artists); Painters and Sculptors Gal., NYC, 1925-26; Macy Gal., NYC, 1925, 1928-29; Frank Dudensing Gal., NYC, 1928; Whitney Studio Cl., NYC,1928; Almco Gal, NYC, 1928; Weyhe Gal., NYC, 1928; Morton Gal., NYC, 1929 (solo), 1931-32; Balzac Gal., 1930-31; Wanamaker Gal, NYC, 1929 (solo); BM, 1930; 56th Street Gal, NYC, 1930; Contemporary Arts Gal., NYC, 1933; Salons of Am., 1933; Grant Gal., NYC, 1935; Corcoran Gal biennials, 1935, 1939; Grant Gal, NYC, 1930s; Decorator's Cl. Gal., NYC, 1939; Delphic Studio, NYC, 1939 (first solo in synthetic resins); Indiana Mus. for Modern Art, 1940; Steele Gal, Bloomington, IN, 1940; MMA, AV, 1942; traveling exhib., AV and Pepsi Cola Co., 1944; La Tausca Pearls Exhib., AV traveling exhib., 1946; WMAA, 1951; Ferargil Gal.; Geneva, IL; City Lib., Batavia, IL; Marshall Field's and Co., Chicago, IL, 1975; Regional Art Gal., NY; Longwood College, Farmville, VA, 1980 (retrospective, with Cordray Simmons). Other award: Grumbacher Award of Merit.

Asociaciones: NAWA; Audubon Artists; AEA

Comentarios: Painter of everyday life in America. Together with her second husband, Cordray Simmons (see entry), Osborne developed and painted in synthetic resin called "vinyl lite." They exhibited the first paintings created in this manner in 1938-39, but never capitalized on their discovery, which ultimately led to the development of acrylics.

Fuentes: WW59; Pamela Elizabeth Mayo, Cordray Simmons & Lou Osborne (Farmville, VA: Bedford Gal, Longwood FA Cntr, 1980); addl info. courtesy of Joel L. Fletcher, Fredericksburg, VA.

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