biografía de August Florian JACCACI (1856-1930)

Lugar de nacimiento: Fontainebleau, France

Lugar de defunción: Chateau Neuf-de-Grasse, France.

Direcciones: NYC

Profesión: Mural painter, writer

Comentarios: He came to U.S. in early 1880s and established himself as a decorative painter of murals (Potter Palmer Mansion, Chicago; Capitol of Minnesota). However, he is best known as an art editor, first for McClures and Scibners magazines. He was also author of On the Trail of Don Quixote" (in English and French). Recognized as one of America's leading connoisseurs, he planned a monumental work, "Noteworthy Pictures in American Private Collections," to be issued in many portfolio volumes. The first volume appeared, but the series was halted by WWI. Instead, he devoted his efforts to forming a philanthropic organization which saved children who were suffering or separated from their families during the war. He was later made a member of the Legion of Honor (decorated by King Albert of Belgium) and Institute of France.

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