Sidney Robert NOLAN (1917-1992)

Sid NOLAN - Sidney NOLAN
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Although confined to a marketplace consisting of Sydney and Melbourne, the demand for modern and contemporary Australian art is surprisingly dynamic. In fact, the auction price indices of the country’s top artists have been very buoyant, particularly since 2007.

The art market is traditionally quiet in August. But Australia, the world’s ninth largest market in 2001, has taken advantage of the summer break to hold the first big sales of the coming season. Sale catalogues feature a number of the Aussie artists that have recently been making waves at auctions.

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Sidney Robert NOLAN (1917-1992) (Australia) es un artista nacido en 1917 El remate más antiguo catalogado en el sitio web es un(a) pintura vendido/a en 1983 en Sotheby's, el más reciente siendo un(a) grabado vendido/a en 2021. Las cotizaciones y los índices del artista establecidos por se basan en 5.712 remates. Especialmente: pintura, grabado, dibujo acuarela, tapiz, fotografia, escultura, objetos. Anunciamos 2 obras del artista Sidney Robert NOLAN (1917-1992) próximamente a subasta. , vendidas por 2 Artprice store(s).