biografía de Frank Weston BENSON (1862-1951)

Lugar de nacimiento: Salem, MA

Direcciones: Salem, MA

Profesión: Painter, etcher, teacher

Estudios: BMFA Sch.; Académie Julian in Paris with Boulanger, Lefebvre, 1883-85

Exposiciones: PAFA, 1885, 1887, 1889, 1890-1903 (prize), 1904-1908 (gold), 1909-1939; NAD, 1889 (prize), 1891 (prize), 1906 (prize); Columbian Expo., Chicago, 1893 (med.); Mechanics Assn., Boston (med.); Cleveland A. Assn. (prize); Boston AC, 1881, 1886-88, 1890, 1892, 1894- 1895 (prize), 1896 (prize); SAA, 1896 (prize); CI, 1896 (med.), 1899 (med.), 1903 (gold); Paris Expo., 1900 (med.), 1902, 1909; Pan-Am. Expo., Buffalo, 1901 (med.); St. Louis Expo., 1904 (2 gold medals); Phila. AC, 1906 (gold); Corcoran Gal., 1907-57 (prize, 1907, gold, 1919); Chicago SE, 1918 (prize); AIC, 1909 (med.), 1912 (med., prize), 1922 (prize); Newport AM, 1912 (inaugural); Phila. WC Soc., 1924 (gold); Sesqui-Centenn. Intl. Expo., Phila., 1926 (gold med. for watercolor); Phila., 1929 (med.); Spanierman Gal. NYC, 1988; Vose Gal., Boston, 1991

Asociaciones: ANA, 1897; NA, 1905; Ten Am. Painters; Nat. Inst. A. & L.; Chicago SE; Por. P.; Guild of Boston Artists (founder, 1914); Boston Soc. Watercolor Painters; Soc. Am. E.; Am. Acad. A. & Sciences.

Obra: Cincinnati Mus.; CI; Buffalo Acad. FA; RISD; BMFA; Worcester A. Mus.; Chicago AI; MMA; CGA; Detroit Inst. A.; Butler A. Inst.; Farnsworth AM; LACMA

Comentarios: One of the important American Impressionists, he is best known for his plein-air paintings of 1898-1920, often painted near his North Haven, ME, home. He is best known for his theme of female figures on a hilltop, which he began in 1903. Along with his friend, Edmund Tarbell, he taught several generations of artists at the BMFA School. He was a member of the Ten American Painters, with whom he exhibited 41 times between 1898 and 1919. He was an avid sportsman, and after a 1912 exhibition with the Ten he became identified as a wildlife painter, and these subjects supplanted his earlier themes. Also in 1912, he began etching and within a few years became a master of the medium. His prints are catalogued in E. Paff, The Etchings and Drypoints of Frank Benson NYC, (5 vols., 1917-29, 1959). In 1921, he turned increasingly to the medium of watercolor and ultimately produced more than 700 works.

Fuentes: WW47; exh. cat., Vose Gal., Boston, 1991; Baigell, Dictionary; Gerdts, American Impressionism.

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