biografía de Robert Emmett OWEN (1878-1957)

Lugar de nacimiento: North Adams, MA

Lugar de defunción: New Rochelle, NY

Direcciones: New Rochelle, NY

Profesión: Landscape painter, illustrator

Estudios: Eric Pape Sch. Art, Boston, 1989-1900; F. Mulhaupt; L. Ochtman

Exposiciones: NAD; PAFA; CGA; AIC; Boston AC, 1900; CAFA, 1915 (hon. men.); Greenwich SA; Allied Artists Am.; Ainslee Gal., NYC; Anderson Gal., NYC; Mt. Holyoke College, 1936 (solo of 86 paintings); Albany Inst., 1950 (solo); Vose Gal., Boston, 1983 (solo); Spanierman Gal., NYC, 1998 (solo).

Asociaciones: CAFA, 1915; Greenwich SA.

Obra: Bruce Mem. Mus; Pub Lib., Greenwich, CT

Comentarios: In 1897, he contributed his first illustrations to Life. He moved to NYC in 1901, illustrating for Cosmopolitan and other magazines before moving to Bagnall, CT, to paint, in 1910. In 1920, he returned to NYC, opened his own gallery, and also did illustrations for Harper"s, Century, and McClure"s. In 1941, he closed his NYC gallery and moved to New Rochelle, NY, to become artist-in-residence at the Thomas Paine Mem. Mus. He was best known for his New England landscapes in all seasons, featuring old farmhouses, winding country roads, and covered bridges.

Fuentes: WW40; The Boston AC; exh. cat., Vose Gal. (Boston, 1983); exh. cat., Spanierman Gal. (NYC, 1998).

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