biografía de Hobart B. JACOBS (1851-1935)

Lugar de nacimiento: New Berlin, NY

Lugar de defunción: Greenwich, CT

Direcciones: Greenwich, CT, 1890-c.1920; Palo Alto, CA, c.1920-24

Profesión: Landscape painter, lecturer, teacher

Estudios: …cole des Beaux-Arts, Paris; in Florence

Exposiciones: Boston AC, 1882; S. Indp. A., 1917; Stanford Univ. Art Gal., 1922 (solo of 25 oils)

Asociaciones: Greenwich SA; Palo Alto AC; Mystery Cl., Greenwich (pres.); Provincetown A Cl.

Obra: Bruce Mus., Greenwich, CT

Comentarios: He painted Impressionist landscapes in Connecticut, Provincetown (MA), Isle of Shoals (ME), and California. After teaching art in private schools in NYC, he had a long career as art supervisor of the Greenwich Public Schools. Upon retirement, he moved to Palo Alto where he continued to exhibit his paintings. In 1924, after the death of his wife, he returned to Greenwich.

Fuentes: WW25; Hughes, Artists in California, 283; obit., (courtesy T.A.D. Tharp) The Greenwich Press (Aug. 15, 1935)

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