biografía de Edgar Alwin PAYNE (1882-1947)

Lugar de nacimiento: Washburn, MO

Lugar de defunción: Hollywood, CA

Direcciones: Chicago, IL, 1921-25; NYC in 1934; Los Angeles, CA by 1941

Profesión: Landscape painter, muralist

Estudios: chiefly self-taught; AIC.

Exposiciones: Calif. State Fairs, 1917 (prize), 1918 (prize); Sacramento State Fair, 1918 (gold); Sacramento, 1919 (medal); LACMA, 1919 (solo), 1926 (gold medal); AIC, 1920 (prize); Southwest Mus., 1921 (prize); PAFA Ann., 1921-22, 1925; Paris Salon, 1923; NAD, 1929 (prize); GGE, 1939; Calif. AC, 1947 (prize).

Asociaciones: SC; Allied AA; Int. Soc. AL; Calif. AC; Ten Painters of Los Angeles; Laguna Beach AA; Chisel Club, 1913; Chicago Soc. Artists; AAPL; Carmel AA.

Obra: murals, Empress Theatre & Am. Theatre, both in Chicago; Clay County Court House, Brazil, IN; Hendricks County Court House, Danville, IN; Queen Theatre, Houston; Nebraska AA, Lincoln; Peoria Soc. Allied Artists; Herron AI; Mun. Art Comn.; Janesville (WI) AA; Southwest Mus., Los Angeles; Pasadena Art Mus.; Pasadena Art Inst.; Springville (UT) Mus. Art; Univ. Nebraska Gals.; NAD; AIC; Indianapolis Mus.

Comentarios: He left home at age 14, traveling from the Ozarks through Mexico, earning his way by painting houses, stage sets and signs.His first visit to California was in 1909 and in 1917 he returned to Glendale, CA with a commission for a giant mural for the Congress Hotel in Chicago, which was fulfilled with the help of several of his friends. Payne traveled in Europe in the 1920s, where he won honorable mention at the Paris Salon. When he returned he wrote a book on landscape painting, and produced a color motion picture called Sierra Journey. A lake in the High Sierra is named for him.

Fuentes: WW40; Hughes, Artists of California, 427-428; P&H Samuels, 363; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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