biografía de Charles Sprague PEARCE (1851-1914)

Lugar de nacimiento: Boston, MA

Direcciones: Paris, France/Auvers-sur-Oise, France (1884-on)

Profesión: Genre and figure painter

Estudios: L. Bonn‚t, in Paris, 1873.

Exposiciones: Centennial Expo, Phila., 1876; Brooklyn AA, 1877; Boston AC, 1877-1904; Paris Salon, 1876-77, 1879, 1881-96 (med., 1883) 1898-99; PAFA Ann., 1882-1909 (gold medal, 1885); NAD, 1883-92; AIC; Mechanic's Inst., Boston, 1878 (med.), 1884 (gold); Ghent, 1886 (gold); Munich, 1888 (gold); Berlin, 1891; San Fran., 1894 (gold); Atlanta Expo, 1895 (gold); Vienna Staats., 1898 (gold); Pan-Am. Expo, Buffalo, 1901 (med.); Corcoran Gal. annual, 1908. Awards: Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, France, 1894; Order of Leopold, Belgium, 1895; Order of the Red Eagle, Prussia, 1897; Order of Dannebrog, Denmark, 1899.

Asociaciones: SAA, 1886; ANA, 1906; Paris SAP; SC, 1900; NIAL.

Obra: Buffalo FA Acad.; PAFA; AIC; MMA; LOC (6 lunette murals)

Comentarios: Pearce was one of the leading American expatriate painters in Paris, along with J.S. Sargent, J.L. Stewart, M. Ramsey, E.H. Blashfield, and F. Bridgeman. In both style and subject matter, he was one of the most successful followers of Jules Bastien-Lepage and Jules Breton. Signature note: He usually signed his full name in block letters, but occasionally signed in cursive or used his "CSP" within an inverted triangle monogram.

Fuentes: WW13; Fink, Am. Art at the 19th c. Paris Salons, 378-79; 300 Years of American Art, vol. 1, 509; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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