biografía de Emil ACKERMAN (1840-?)

Lugar de nacimiento: Dresden, Germany

Direcciones: Philadelphia, 1848-c.61; Boston, active 1861-89

Profesión: Lithographer, designer, ornamental stippler

Estudios: Apprenticed to Max Rosenthal of Philadelphia, c.1856

Comentarios: He came to the United States in 1848 with his father and advertised in Boston in 1861, after his apprenticeship with Max Rosenthal. He listed himself in the Boston Directory as artist, designer, & lithographic artist, and worked with the firms of J.G.Thompson (see entry) and also Charles H.Crosby (see entry). For Crosby he executed numerous chromolithographs, including Black Valley Railroad", a well-known temperance print. 1869-71 he worked for the New England Lithographic Co. and 1875-1878 for J.H.Buffords' Sons. He had a one year parnership with Edmonde Prang (see entry); his own shop in 1883-84. He produced work for a number of people and firms including Louis Prang (for whom he drew portraits of Union officers on stone). Ackermann was celebrated as a stipple artist and handstippled the borders for "The Birth of Cupid", printed by Armstrong & Co.(see entry). His whereabouts after 1890 are unknown.

Fuentes: G&W; Peters, America on Stone. More recently, see Pierce & Slautterback, 163-64. "

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