biografía de QI Baishi (1864-1957)

Personal data

Birth : 01/01/1864 - , China
Death : 09/16/1957 - Beijing, China
Sex : M

Professional data

Work and Life

Qi Baishi was a Chinese artist, born in 1864 in Xiangtan (Hunan Province). He died in 1957 in Beijing. Coming from a rural area and a modest home, he started to express his interest in painting, poetry and calligraphy late in life. He learned the traditional Chinese painting technique, Gonbi, by himself.
To perfect his skills, he travels all over China, shifting toward Xieyi technique. During his wanderings, he discovers others forms of inspiration than traditional academic themes and slowly imposes his own style.
In 1956, he received the International Peace Prize. Recognized during his lifetime as a Master, he remains to this day a great source of inspiration to his contemporaries.

Honorary degree


Honorary President of the Chinese Painting Academy of Beijing, China


World Peace Prize awarded by the World Peace Council


Honorary Member of the Art Academy of East Germany


Appointed “People’s Artist” by the Chinese Central Culture Ministry.


President of the National Committee of the Chinese Federation of Writers and Artists and the National Committee of the Association of Chinese Artists.

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

Solo exhibitions


Qi Baishi: Master of Modern Chinese Painting
Kyoto National Museum ( KNM) – Kyoto, Japan
01/30/2019 – 03/17/2019


Prosperity in Tranquility: The Art of Qi Baishi
The Forbidden City – Beijing, China
07/17/2018 – 10/08/2018

Living by Selling Texts Instead of Farming – Qi Baishi’s Calligraphic Implication II
Beijing Fine Art Academy – Beijing, China
04/15/2018 – 05/31/2018


Qi Baishi: Modern Master of China
Jointly The Hunan Museum – China & The Bowers Museum – Orange County- United States
04/11/2015 – 07/12/2015

Paintings by Qi Baishi from the collection of the Beijing fine art academy
Hungarian national gallery – Budapest, Hungary
04/23/2015 – 06/28/2015


Qi Baishi: Modern Master
Honolulu Museum of Art – Honolulu HI, United States
10/02/2014 – 01/25/2015


Qi Baishi
The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) – Beijing, China
10/16/2010 – 11/12/2010


Qi Baishi and his Contemporaries
Kyoto National Museum ( KNM) – Kyoto, Japan
09/06/2006 – 10/01/2006


“Master Qi Baishi’s Art”
The Capital Museum – Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

Group exhibitions


Likeness and Unlikeness-Dialogues with Qi Baishi
NAMOC – The National Art Museum of China _ Beijing, China
04/19/2019 – 05/04/2019


“Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of the Xiangtan City Artists”
The Ziller artspace – Greece

The breeze from Qi Baishi’s hometown
Museum Jorge Rando – Spain
03/20/2018 – 03/23/2018


“Just Silence——The Grass and Insects World of Qi Baishi”
Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy – Beijing, China
09/09/2015 – 10/07/2015


Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi: Beijing 1930
The Noguchi museum – New York NY, United States
09/25/2013 – 01/26/2014


The paintings,calligraphie and seals of Qi Baishi
Macau Museum of Art – Macau, China
07/17/1998 – 08/16/1998

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