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biografía de Marilyn MANSON (1969)

Personal data

Birth : 01/05/1969 - Canton OH Ohio, United States
Sex : M
Nationality/Affiliation : United States


Los Angeles CA California, United States

Professional data

Work and Life

1992:He shortened the band’s name Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids to just Marilyn Manson.
1989:He created the band Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.
1989:He believes that all mankind has a positive/ negative side, good/evil, spiritual/animal side. He chose the name of Marilyn from the name of Marilyn MONROE to promote the positive side and the name MANSON from Charles MANSON to promote the negative s
1987:He was enrolled in Glen Oak, a public high school in Canton OH, USA graduating from it at age 18.
1974:His parents enrolled him in Heritage Christian School, where he remained until 10th grade.

Other professions




Categorie and medium

Painting :
Print-Multiple : Lithograph - Poster
Drawing-Watercolor :




A Daughter without a Mother, and a Mother without a Daughter
Date of creation : 2002
Medium : Watercolour
Technical data : with blood
Size : 30 x 22 inch
Death enjoys the Fruits of his Labor
Date of creation : 2002
Medium : Watercolour
Size : 30 x 22 inch

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

Solo exhibitions


LACE Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions – Los Angeles CA, United States
09/19/2002 – 09/20/2002

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