biografía de Edmund Charles TARBELL (1862-1938)

Lugar de nacimiento: West Groton, MA

Direcciones: Boston, 1889-90; Dorchester, MA, 1891; Boston, 1893-1913, Wash, DC, 1917-22; Boston/New Castle, NH

Profesión: Painter, teacher

Estudios: apprenticed to a lithograper at age 15; Boston Normal A. Sch.; BMFA Sch., with O. Grundmann, 1879; Académie Julian, Paris with Boulanger and Lefebvre, 1884-86; W.T. Dannat in Paris, c.1886-88.

Exposiciones: Paris Salon, 1886; Boston AC, 1887-1909; NAD (prizes, 1890, 1894; medals, 1908, 1929); PAFA Ann., 1892-1913, 1920-38 (gold 1895 & 1911); St. Botolph Cl., Boston (including 1898 solo); World's Columbian Expo., Chicago, 1893; AC Phila., 1895 (gold); SAA, 1893 (prize); Tenn. Expo, Nashville, 1897 (prize); with Ten American Painters, 1898-1919; WMA, 1900 (prize), 1904 (prize); Boston Charitable Mechanics' Assn. (med.); Paris Expo, 1900 (med.); CI, 1901 (prize), 1904 (prize), 1909 (prize), 1928-29 (prize); AIC, 1907 (prize); Corcoran Gal biennials, 1907-37 (14 times; incl. gold medal, 1910); P.-P. Expo, San Fran., 1915 (prize); Newport AA, 1935 (prize); mem. exh., BMFA, 1938.

Asociaciones: ANA, 1904, NA, 1906; Boston GA; Ten Am. Painters; U.S. Public A. Lg., 1896; National A. Comm., Wash., DC

Obra: CGA; Cincinnati AM; RISD; BMFA; WMA; PAFA; Wilstach Coll., Phila.; NMAA; MMA; Worcester Art Mus.; Canajoharie (NY) Lib. and Art Gal.; FA Acad., Buffalo; NPG, Wash.; War Dept., Wash., DC; Butler AI; Mass. Senate Chamber, State House, Boston; Worcester Art Mus.; Smith Col.

Comentarios: Tarbell began formal art studies with Grundmann at the BMFA, where he met and became friends with Frank Benson (see entry). Tarbell was considered the leader of the Boston Impressionists, and his numerous devout students were called "Tarbellites." His Impressionist works were primarily built around figures of women, shown in brilliantly, colorful outdoor scenes. Around 1900 he began focusing on interior scenes, usually showing young women reading, sewing, or in conversaton; these, in the handling of light and color recall Vermeer. Tarbell insisted on the importance of technique and his well-crafted portraits came into high demand in Wash., DC, where he painted Presidents Wilson and Hoover, among others (in 1919 he was chosen by the National Committee to create a pictorial record of Allied leasders of WWI). Teaching: BMFA Sch. (1889-1912), Corcoran Sch. A. (1917-22).

Fuentes: WW38; Baigell, Dictionary; 300 Years of American Art, 570; Gerdts, American Impressionism, 114-18, 201-03, 315 (note 14); Patricia Jobe Pierce, Edmund C. Tarbell and the Boston School of Painting 1889-1980 (Hingham, Mass., 1980); Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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