biografía de Albert BLOCH (1882-1961)

Lugar de nacimiento: St. Louis, MO

Lugar de defunción: Lawrence, KS

Direcciones: Lawrence, KS

Profesión: Painter, writer, lecturer, educator, graphic artist, critic

Estudios: St. Louis Sch. FA; Washington Univ.

Exposiciones: Blaue Reiter group, Munich, 1911; Sturm Gal., Munich; Cologne; Berlin; Chicago Worlds Fair; WFNY 1939; solos in Chicago (1915), St. Louis, New York, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden; Univ. Kansas A. Mus., 1955 (retrospective traveling exh.).

Obra: WMAA; MoMA; AIC; PMG; Columbus Gal. FA; Yale Univ.; Kansas State Col.; Baker Univ.; the largest collection is at the Spencer Mus. Art, Univ. Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Comentarios: He was the sole American member of "Der Blaue Reiter" group, Munich. In 1908, he had studied alone in European museums before establishing a studio in Munich. He met Kandinsky and Marc and exhibited six paintings in the first Blaue Reiter show of 1911. In 1921 he returned from Munich, teaching briefly in Chicago before establishing himself at the Univ. of Kansas. He signed his paintings "AB" and was known by this name. Position: instr., Chicago Acad. FA, 1922; dir., Dept. Painting, Sch. FA, Univ. Kansas, prof. emeritus. Contributor to periodicals in the U.S. and abroad. Lectures: History of Art.

Fuentes: WW59; Anna Bloch, "Albert Bloch"s Silent Spirit" Art & Antiques (Oct. 1987, p.89); WW40.

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