biografía de Fern Isabel COPPEDGE (1883-1951)

Lugar de nacimiento: Decatur, IL

Direcciones: Topeka, KS, 1915; Lumberville (near New Hope), PA, 1920; New Hope, PA (studio since 1929)

Profesión: Landscape painter

Estudios: Univ. Kansas; ASL; AIC; PAFA, 1918-19 (Fellowship); Henry B. Snell, John Carlson; ASL with W. M. Chase.

Exposiciones: PAFA, 1917-43; Kansas City AI, MO, 1917, (Dean prize), 1918 (Shield Prize); PAFA, 1917-43; Chattanooga (TN) Club; NAWA, 1922 (prize), 1933 (prize); Plastic Club, 1924 (prize); Phila., PA, 1942 (Shillard medal); Ten Phila. Painters (showed regularly with this group of women painters who later called themselves simply The Ten"); City Hall Mus., St. Joseph, MO; Moore College Art & Design, Phila., PA, 1998 (retrospective, "The Philadelphia Ten")."

Asociaciones: NAWA; Phila. Artists All.; Plastic Club; Ten Phila. Painters; North Shore AA; Gloucester SA

Obra: Detroit Inst. Art; PAFA; Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg; Am. Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Witte Mem. Mus.; Thayer Mus., Kansas; Bryn Mawr, PA; Benjamin West Soc., Swarthmore, PA; Reading (PA) Mus. Art; New Century Club, Phila.; Western College, Oxford, OH

Comentarios: Plein-air Impressionist painter associated with New Hope (Bucks County) school of artists. First visited New Hope in 1917. Known especially for her snow scenes. Her birth year has been given as 1883, 1885, and 1888.

Fuentes: WW53; WW53 (gives 1888 as birth year); WW47; WW15 (as Mrs. Robert Coppedge); Talbott and Sidney, The Philadelphia Ten (gives 1885 as birth year); add'l info. courtesy of Peter Bissell, Cooperstown, NY; and also Roy Wood, Jr., and Frank Bianco, Bianco Gal., Buckingham, PA (cite 1883 as birth year).

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