biografía de Theodore Clement STEELE (1847-1926)

Lugar de nacimiento: near Gosport, Owen County, IN

Lugar de defunción: Brown County, Indiana

Direcciones: Waveland, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Bloomington, IN

Profesión: Portrait painter, landscape painter

Estudios: Waveland Collegiate Inst., 1859-68; with J. Tingley of Asbury College, 1863; Chicago and Cincinnati; Royal Acad., Munich with Benczur, 1880; and in Schleissheim with Currier and landscape with Loefftz, 1881; honorary M.A., Wabash College; honorary LL.D., Indiana Univ.

Exposiciones: Russellville Fair, 1861 (prize); County Fair, Terre Haute, 1863 (prize); Royal Acad., Munich. 1884 (silver medal); Art Exhibit of Hoosier Colony in Munich, 1885; Boston AC, 1886-1890; PAFA Ann., 1888, 1900, 1906; NAD, 1888-95; World's Columbian Expo, Chicago, 1893; Denison Hotel, Indianapolis, 1894; Five Hoosier Painters, Chicago, 1894; Indiana State Fairs; Soc. of Am. Artists, 1886; Paris Expo, 1900 (honorable mention); Louisiana Purchase Expo, St. Louis, 1904; Richmond Art Assoc., 1906 (Mary T. R. Foulke award); annually, Soc. Western Artists, Chicago, 1909 (Fine Arts Building Award); International Exhibition FA, Buenos Aires and Santiago, 1910; Panama-Pacific Expo. San Francisco, 1915; Hoosier Salon, Marshall Field Galleries, Chicago, 1926 (Rector Prize); AIC.

Asociaciones: Portfolio Club, 1890 (charter member); ANA, 1913; Boston AC; Indianapolis AA; Ind. AC; member of jury for Paris Expo, 1900, St. Louis Expo, 1904, and Panama-Pacific Expo, 1915; Soc. Western Artists (president, 1898).

Obra: Mural project, Indianapolis City Hospital; Indianapolis Mus. Art (Pleasant Run"); Cincinnati Mus.; Herron AI, Indianapolis; St. Louis Mus.; Richmond AA; Univ. Missouri; Christian College, Columbia, MO; Indiana Univ.; Richmond (IN) Gal.; Boston AC; many clubs & universities."

Comentarios: Steele grew up in Waveland, IN where he first began to develop his artistic talents. He studied briefly in Chicago and Cincinnati and was a professional portraitist for three years in Battle Creek, MI before moving to Indianapolis. There he became the most important art figure in 1870s and the best-known Hoosier artist of the late 19th-early 20th centuries. He organized the short-lived Indianapolis Art Assoc., along with John Love and several others, in1877. In 1878 he went to Munich to study at the Royal Academy. He returned to Indianapolis in 1885 and opened a studio. He was one of those known as the Five Hoosier Painters" (along with Adams, Forsyth, Gruelle, and Stark). In 1889 he opened an art school-- one of his students was Booth Tarkington. Forsyth joined him there in 1891 when the school was incorporated by the Art Assoc. as the Indiana School of Art, which operated for six years. By the 1890s Steele had adopted a style that was a modified version of Impressionism. After 1898 Steele spent summers painting at a home he owned with J. Ottis Adams in Brookville. After the death of his wife, Libbie, he made trips to Oregon and California. In 1907 he remarried and moved to Brown County which became a major summer art colony in the Midwest. Positions: instructor, drawing and painting, Waveland Collegiate Inst., 1865-68; honorary professor of art, Univ. Indiana, 1918-26.

Fuentes: WW25; Gerdts, Art Across America, vol. 2: 261, 268-73 (with repro.); Newton and Gerdts, 154; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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