biografía de Jacob Dutweiler WAGNER (1852-1898)

Lugar de nacimiento: Bavaria, Germany

Lugar de defunción: NYC

Direcciones: Boston, MA, 1893-94

Profesión: Landscape & portrait painter, framemaker

Estudios: Lowell Inst., Boston; BMFA Sch., 1877 (inaugural class) with Otto Grundmann and William Rimmer

Exposiciones: Boston AC, 1886-98; PAFA Ann., 1887-97; AIC, 1891-98; NAD, 1893-94

Asociaciones: Boston AC

Obra: Colby College MA

Comentarios: He was apprenticed to the Boston framemaker, A.A. Childs, and later produced frames for Doll & Richards Gal. until c.1886. He painted Impressionist landscapes from southern New Hampshire to southern Massachusetts, but died at age 46.

Fuentes: WW98; exh. cat., Painters of the Harcourt Studios (Lepore FA, Newburyport, MA, 1992); Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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