biografía de Harry Wilson WATROUS (1857-1940)

Lugar de nacimiento: San Francisco, CA

Lugar de defunción: NYC

Direcciones: NYC/Lake George, NY (summers)

Profesión: Painter

Estudios: Spain, 1881 (traveled with friend H. Humphey Moore); in Paris, 1882-86, first at Académie Julian with Boulanger and Lefebvre (1881-82); later with Bonn‚t.

Exposiciones: Paris Salon, 1884, 1885; Boston AC, 1890; PAFA Ann., 1890-1937 (9 times; prize 1935); Pan-Am. Expo, Buffalo, 1901 (medal); St. Louis Expo, 1904 (gold); Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1907-39 (6 times); NAC, 1931 (medal); NAD, 1886, 1889-91, 1894-16, 1918-41 (medals, 1894, 1829, 1931; gold, 1934); Salons of Am.; AIC.

Asociaciones: ANA, 1894; NA, 1894; NA, 1895; NAD (pres. 1933-34); SAA 1905; Artists Aid Soc.; Lotos Club; Century Assn.; NAC; SC; SPNY; AFA; Tiffany Found. (pres.)

Obra: MMA; Montpelier (VT) Mus.; CAM, St. Louis; Buffalo FA Acad.; BM; Ft. Worth Mus.; CGA

Comentarios: Watrous grew up in NYC and returned there in 1886 after study in Paris. An academic portrait, genre, figure, landscape, and still-life painter, his work became more innovative after 1904 as he began to lose his eyesight. His figural paintings between 1905-18 often consisted of elegant women in exotic dress. From 1918-23, he focused on landscapes; after 1923, Watrous produced highly detailed, decorative still lifes, which often included unusual combinations of Asian objects ó such as small Buddhas, Oriental vases, and portions of Japanese prints as background ó taken from his own collection.

Fuentes: WW40; 300 Years of American Art, 514; Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 403; Gerdts, Painters of the Humble Truth, 231-32; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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