biografía de Gunnar Mauritz WIDFORSS (1879-1934)

Lugar de nacimiento: Stockholm, Sweden

Lugar de defunción: Grand Canyon, AZ

Direcciones: San Francisco, CA/studio on the rim of Grand Canyon

Profesión: Landscape painter, illustrator

Estudios: Stockholm Inst. Tech., 1896-1900

Exposiciones: Calif. WCS, 1928 (prize); State Fair, 1930 (prize); AIC, 1928, 1930; Mus. Northern Arizona, 1969 (retrospective)

Asociaciones: Calif. WCS; Scandinavian-Am. Artists

Obra: NGA (collection of studies of Grand Canyon); First Nat. Bank of Arizona

Comentarios: Traveled to Russia, in Europe, Africa and from 1905-08 in the U.S., where he was unsuccessful. He returned to Sweden but finnally settled in California in 1921. Illustrator: Songs of Yosemite," 1923. Specialty: views of the Grand Canyon, since 1922.

Fuentes: WW33; P&S Samuels, 527."

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