biografía de Theodore WORES (1860-1939)

Lugar de nacimiento: San Francisco, CA

Lugar de defunción: San Francisco

Direcciones: Munich, 1881; NYC, 1891-99; San Francisco

Profesión: Landscape and portrait painter, illustrator, teacher

Estudios: with Joseph Harrington, 1871 (at age 12); San Francisco School of Des., with Virgil Williams, 1874; Royal Acad., Munich, with Alex. Wagner and Ludwig Loefftz, 1875; also privately with Tobey Rosenthal and Frank Duveneck in Munich

Exposiciones: Royal Acad., Munich, 1876 (medal), 1878 (medal); PAFA Ann., 1884; NAD, 1881-99; Royal Acad., London; Paris Salon, 1890; Dowdeswell Gal., London, 1889 (solo); World's Columbian Expo, Chicago, IL, 1893; Calif. Midwinter Expo, 1894; Bohemian Club, 1894 (solo), 1920; Knoedler Gal., NYC, 1894; St. Louis Exp, 1895 (medal); Boston AC, 1898; Kilohana Art Lg. Hawaii, 1902; Century Club, NYC, 1904 (Spanish paintings); de Young Mus.; Alaska-Yukon Expo, 1909 (gold medal); PPE, 1915 (gold medal); Stanford Mus., 1922; Cosmos Club, Washington, DC; GGE, 1939; AIC; Spanierman Gal., NYC, 1997 (solo)

Asociaciones: San Francisco AA; Bohemian Club; Century Assn.; SC; Art Soc. of Japan; New English AC, London

Obra: Bohemian Club; Oakland Mus.; CPLH; de Young Mus.; SFMA: St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco; LACMA; White House, Washington, DC; Bancroft Library, Univ. Calif., Berkeley; Crocker Mus., Sacramento; Calif. Hist. Soc.; Monterey Peninsula Mus. Art; Honululu Acad. Arts; Amon Carter Mus., Fort Worth, TX; Triton MA, Santa Clara, CA

Comentarios: An Impressionist who traveled widely, he was also the best known artist working in San Francisco during the late 19th to early 20th century. From 1879-81, he was one of the "Duveneck Boys" in Venice. He returned to San Francisco in 1881, painting portraits and scenes in Chinatown, and by 1884 was teaching at the San Francisco ASL. From 1885-87, he was one the first Americans to paint in Japan, and lived near Tokyo. In 1888, he had a studio at the Tenth Street Studio Bldg. in NYC, next to W.M. Chase. In 1892, he held an auction of his paintings to fund his return to Japan, where he painted more than 100 new works during the next two years. His articles on Japan appeared in Century and Scribner"s. From 1901-02, he traveled and painted in Hawaii and Samoa; and in 1903 he was in Spain painting with Philp L. Hale. He returned to San Fran. in 1905, and from 1907-12, was director of the San Fran. Art Inst. (former Mark Hopkins IA). The great San Francisco Fire of 1906 destroyed his home, studio, and much of his earlier work. In 1913 he was painting in the Canadian Rockies; and from 1915-17 he painted the Southwest Indians in Taos, NM. In 1926 he moved to Saratoga near San Francisco and continued to paint vivid Impressionist landscapes.

Fuentes: WW33; Hughes, Artists of California, 619, more recently, Wm. H. Gerdts, exhib. brochure for Spanierman Gal. (Apr., 1998); Forbes, Encounters with Paradise, 223; For Beauty and for Truth, 93 (w/repro.); Fink, American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons, 408; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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