biografía de Ivan Le Lorraine ALBRIGHT (1897-1983)

Lugar de nacimiento: North Harvey, IL

Direcciones: Warrenville, IL; Chicago, IL; Dubois, WY, 1959; NYC,1973; Woodstock, VT

Profesión: Painter, lithographer

Estudios: Northwestern Univ., 1915-1916; Ill. Sch. Arch., 1916-1917; Ecole Regionale Beaux-Arts, Nantes, 1919; AIA, 1920-1923; PAFA, 1923; NAD, 1924.

Exposiciones: AIC, 1926 (prize), 1928 (prize), 1941 (prize), 1943 (bronze med.), 1945 (prize), 1949 (prize), 1950 (prize), 1964 (retrospective), 1997 (retrospective, traveled to MMA); Chicago Soc. A., 1930 (gold), 1931 (prize); PAFA, 1934 (prize), 1940 (prize), 1942 (Temple gold med.), 1956 (prize); Springfield A. Lg., 1937; Brussels World's Fair; WMAA, 1932; Corcoran Gal., 1928-57 (1955, silver med.); NAD, 1944 (prize), 1961 (Benjamin Altman Prize); Nat. Print Exh., N.Y., 1946 (prize); CI, 1950 (prize); Northwestern Univ., 1951 (prize); MMA, 1952; Chicago Soc. A.,1931;1942 (medals). Awards: Nat Inst Arts & Lett Awards, 1957; Dunn Int Award, Tate Gallery, 1963.

Asociaciones: A.N.A; AWCS; Phila. WC Cl.; Assn. Chicago Painters & Sculptors; Chicago SA; Laguna Beach AA; Chicago AC; Springfield (Mass.) A. Lg.; Fellow, PAFA; NIAL.

Obra: AIC (largest collection); MMA; Brooklyn Mus.; MoMA; Guggenheim Mus., NYC; Wadsworth Atheneum; PMA; CI; Dallas Mus. Fine Arts, Tex; LOC, Wash., DC; Milwaukee AI; Hackley Gal. FA; National Gal., Wash., DC; Dept. Labor Bldg., Wash., DC. Commissions: two oil paintings for movies: "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" (1943) and "The Temptation of St Anthony" (1943).

Comentarios: The son of Adam Emory Albright and the twin of Malvin, Ivan was an eccentric painter of portraits and figures. For forty years he depicted in meticulous detail and in an almost surreal manner the corruption and decay of humanity and the flesh. He was best known for his "Portrait of Dorian Gray" which appeared in the movie in the mid 1940s. He took as long as twenty years to finish a painting, and effectively refused to sell his works by placing huge prices on them. When he won a $3,500 purchase prize from the MMA, he refused the prize and put a price of $125,000 on the 8-foot tall painting to ensure he would keep it. Ultimately, he donated his major works to the AIC.

Fuentes: WW73; WW47; George A Flanagan, Understanding and Enjoying Modern Art, (T.Y. Crowell, 1962); Katharine Kuh, The Artist's Voice, Talks with Seventeen Artists, (Harper & Row, 1962); Break-Up: The Core of Modern Art, (New York Graphic Soc, 1965); plus others; More recently, see Cortney G. Dowell et al, Ivan Albright (AIC, 1997)

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