biografía de Alfred Thompson BRICHER (1837-1908)

Lugar de nacimiento: Portsmouth, NH

Lugar de defunción: New Dorp, Staten Island, NY

Direcciones: Staten Island, NY, 1890-on

Profesión: Marine painter, landscape painter, figure painter in watercolor

Estudios: Largely self-taught, but may have studied in Newburyport, MA, and at the Lowell Inst., Boston

Exposiciones: Boston Athenaeum, after 1860; NAD, 1868-1908; Brooklyn AA, 1870-86; Boston AC, 1874, 1882, 1889, 1894; AIC, 1888-89, 1896, 1907-08; PAFA, 1890

Asociaciones: ANA, 1879; AWCS; BAC

Obra: Indianapolis MA; MMA

Comentarios: Known especially for his serene, luminist seascapes, his work shows the influence of Fitz Hugh Lane and Martin Johnson Heade. As a young man in Boston, Bricher worked as a clerk from 1851, painting only part-time until becoming a professional artist in 1858. In the 1860s he followed his contemporaries to the White Mountains. He was active in Boston and Newburyport, MA until 1868 when he moved to New York. He executed his best work during the 1870s-80s when he spent many summers painting on the coasts of Massachusetts, Maine (Monhegan Island), and Rhode Island (1871-76), as well on Long Island, especially at Southampton. He excelled at watercolors, many of which were translated into oil paintings.

Fuentes: G&W; Art Annual, VII; CAB; Clement and Hutton; New England BD 1860; Swan, BA; Belknap, Artists and Craftsmen of Essex County; Thieme-Becker; NAD Cats. 1868-1890; Naylor, NAD; Jeffrey Brown, Alfred Thompson Bricher, exh. cat. (Indianapolis Mus., 1973); Pisano, The Long Island Landscape, 1865-1914, cat. no. 4 (repro.); Baigell, Dictionary.; Campbell, New Hampshire Scenery, 16; Rbt. Workman, The Eden of America (RISD, 1986, p.55). His papers are in the Archives of Am. Art.

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