biografía de Edward PENFIELD (1866-1925)

Lugar de nacimiento: Brooklyn NY

Lugar de defunción: Beacon, NY

Direcciones: Pelham Manor, NY

Profesión: Painter, illustrator, writer, teacher

Estudios: ASL.

Asociaciones: WCS; GFLA; New Rochelle AA; SI, 1901; SC, 1905.

Obra: murals, Harvard and Rochester CC

Comentarios: He effectively combined the styles Art Nouveau, Japonisme, and Arts & Crafts to create some of the finest posters, advertisements, and magazine covers of the 20th c., especially for Harper"s. His work also appeared in Collier"s, Sat. Eve. Post, Ladies Home Journal, Scribner"s, Metropolitan magazine and others. Author/illustrator: Holland Sketches (Scribner"s, 1907), and Spanish Sketches (Scribner"s, 1911). Position: art editor and illustrator, Harper's, 1891-1901.

Fuentes: WW24; P & H Samuels, 367; add'l info. courtesy Illustration House (NYC, essay #20)

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