Omar BA (1977)

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With a dozen major exhibitions currently paying tribute to black artists around the world, Sotheby’s is dedicating this month of February to African (or African-origin) artists. Observing the market enthusiasm (and commensurate price inflation) for a whole new generation of these artists, Artprice looks this week at Omar Ba, whose prices seem to have stabilized […]

The auction houses have not found it an easy task to bring Modern and Contemporary African art to the eyes of international collectors, but some of them have shown remarkable tenacity, giving the works time to find their audience. After several years of disappointment, demand is clearly on the ascent with their turnover from African […]

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Para Omar BA (1977) , el remate más antiguo catalogado es un(a) pintura vendido/a en 2014 en Piasa, el más reciente siendo un(a) pintura vendido/a en 2022. Los análisis y gráficos establecidas por se basan en 15 remates. Especialmente: pintura, dibujo acuarela.