biografía de Kerr EBY (1889-1946)

Lugar de nacimiento: Tokyo, Japan

Lugar de defunción: Norwalk, CT

Direcciones: Cos Cob, CT, c.1913-17; Westport, CT/Friendship, ME

Profesión: Lithographer, etcher, drawing specialist

Estudios: Pratt Inst.; ASL

Exposiciones: Brooklyn SE, 1931 (prize); SAE, 1932 (prize), 1934 (prize); Harbor Gal.,NYC, 1979 (retrospective).

Asociaciones: ANA 1930; NAD, 1934; SAE; Chicago SE; Phila. SE; NIAL.

Obra: NYPL (complete collection of his prints to 1932)

Comentarios: A master etcher who captured New England scenes. He also traveled to England and France, and was known for his WWI etchings, of which his opus magnus was The Great Black Cloud, 1918. A consummate technician, he assisted Hassam with his etchings, and Eby's studio is the subject of an etching by Hassam. The son of missionaries in Japan, he came to the U.S. in 1907. He served in the Ambulance Corps during WWI and was an artist-correspondent with the Marines in the South Pacific during WWII.

Fuentes: WW40; Prints of the Year, 1931; Bi-Centenn. portfolio, Life of Washington, 1932, WMA; Connecticut and American Impressionism 158-59 (w/repro.) ; Community of Artists, 38

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